Will my gadget lust survive the iPhone?

(Originally posted Feb. 3)

Bruce Tognazzini has an excellent review of the iphone here. It’s a good article, although it’s a little odd that he wrote the whole thing having never touched an iPhone…

The thing that’s lacking in every article about the iPhone that I’ve read is any information about the calendar. I see a little calendar icon on the pics, but never any mention of how it compares to the Palm/Treo one. I use my calendar a lot – it seems like it’s an important enough feature of a smartphone that it would get some mention.

I’m totally with this guy re: Cingular. At first I thought Apple was going to roll out different networks gradually, like the way it went with the Treos, but it appears that this will be an exclusive partnership. I switched to Verizon for their network. I wouldn’t want to have to switch to Cingular.

Plus, for me, a 4G iPod is not very appealing. I love having my whole library on my 80G model :)

I don’t know… my gadget lust may get the best of me when this thing comes out. Then again, I may wait for the 80G model with voice recognition and a decent eReader.

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