SXSW, Day 1

Sxsw_1I’m blogging from SXSW today, straight from the Austin Convention Center. So far, SXSW is being a blast. I went to the BlogHer MeetUp at Freddie’s Place last night, and met several new folks. I think the turnout was much better than they had expected – we kept having to take over more and more of the patio. It was a beautiful night, the margarita machine was cranking out plastic cups full of frozen goodness, and conversation flowed, making for a great kickoff to the festival.

Today it’s been solid programming. First it was Emerging Trends in Social Media and Technology — a topic near and dear to my heart, of course, but perhaps a bit too broad for a one-hour panel and 6 panelists. Next was Turning Projects into Revenue, which was decent, but really kind of too-basic for me. The Opening Remarks by Kathy Sierra were delightful, as expected. She really knows how to engage an audience (as she should, given her focus is “Creating Passionate Users“). Now I’m waiting for Wiki Commercialization to begin.

I’m blogging, twittering, posting like crazy, and basically doing all things social media in the interest of total immersion. Am I making myself a little nutty? Well, yes, but it’s fun :)

Tonight there’s the Dorkbot party, sponsored by Make, followed by the Frog Design party. And rumor has it that there will even be a small after-after party at my place. See you there :)

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  1. Ewan Spence March 10, 2007 at 5:26 pm #

    Hey Jules, always great to read people enjoying SXSW. If you have a chance, you m ight want to check out my daily podcast coverage of the event at

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