How to lose an app sale: use bad typography for a typography app

by Julie Gomoll on December 19, 2010

Promo for TypeitType It! is a new iPad app that promises to turn your photos into beautiful typography.

I don’t believe you, Type It!

As a huge iPad fan and type geek, I’d normally buy this app without a second thought. Sadly, this epic fail of a promo not only lost the developer a sale, it flagrantly bolsters the stereotype of coders being inherently bad at design.

For starters, Brush Script?! Brush Script has to be one of the ugliest typefaces out there. Comic Sans would be an improvement! Ok, maybe not, but it wouldn’t make it any worse.

And what’s with the double primes instead of real quotation marks? On top of that, this slogan doesn’t need quotation marks. There was absolutely no need to make this typography 101 mistake.

The sample picture? This isn’t typography. There’s no way to make a painting transform into type. This is a photo with a bunch of typographic characters on it. I think. I don’t know what most of those characters are, but they’re not a typeface I’ve seen anywhere.

Lastly, “beautiful” and “typography” are not a proper nouns, and do not require capitalization.

(Yeah, I’m feeling kinda bitchy this morning.)

  • Paul

    I’m not sure either brush script or comic sans are ugly more that they are over used, mostly totally inappropriately. I know a solicitors that set all of their correspondence in comic sans – eek!

    That said I have to agree that if you are in a bitchy mood then this is pretty deserving of your bile! There are more design faux pas here than you can shake a stick at. The random use of Capital letters In particular has Always been a Pet Hate of mine!

    PS The “Beautiful” typeface in question is “creampuff”.