Workaround for the missing Open With… option in Apple Photos

Another UI Fail from Apple. Photos has no Open With… option. I’m sure I’m not the only one who used this in iPhoto all the damn time. What reason could there possibly be for this change?

You can export photos and Open With… in Finder, which is totally inconvenient. On top of that, you can’t name the file during the export process. You’re supposed to have done that ahead of time.

I guess the crappy new way Photos “organizes” stuff wasn’t enough of a downgrade.

Export dialog box - no option to name the file

Ludicrous export dialog that doesn’t let you name a file.

The easy Open With… workaround we shouldn’t have to do

1 Select the photo or photos you want to open in a 3rd-party app.

Photos right click menu showing no Open With option

Mysteriously missing Open With… option. Because nobody ever wants to simply open a photo with Photoshop, right?

2 Right click, select Share, and choose Mail. Any desktop mail app should work, although I haven’t tested others.

3 Right-click and Mail gives you a proper Open With… option.

Mail window with image in body text. Mail menu has Open With...

Better than nothing.

4 Open in your app of choice.

The quality and usefulness of Apple software is sliding downhill. It makes me sad.

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