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Days of Future Past

Roofedcity_3I thoroughly enjoyed Yesterday’s Tomorrows: Past Visions of the American Future. I just love seeing what people imagined our todays would look like. So I was thrilled to stumble upon Paleo-Future: a look into the future that never was. Is that a great name for a blog or what? My introduction to the blog was this post, which highlights a lovely collection of 100-year-old postcards depicting the year 2000. There is, of course, the obligatory personal flying machine. The “Summer at the North Pole” and “Police X-Ray Surveillance Machine” cards are almost disturbing in their innocence. Shown: The Roofed City. I wonder what’s providing all that light… Be sure to read some of the comments to this post – some quite clever.

I can’t wait to waste some serious time on this site. And I see there’s a Paleo-Future Google Group, too. Great! I need more distractions!


Pencil and crayon carvings

CarvedcrayonsI first saw Pete Goldlust’s (is that a great name or what?) carved crayons several months ago. Some of these are really intricate. He must use heated implements of some kind to get them so smooth. I’d love to see him sculpt one some time. I’ve kept his site bookmarked for a while, knowing I’d post about his carvings eventually.


Then I ran across these great carved pencils. The photos are from a 1990’s Japanese exhibition by Kato Jado and Mizuta Tasogare, titled “The JAD Project”. Even though it’s by far the simplest of the pencils, I think my favorite is this pencil inside the pencil.

I wonder if either artist was inspired by the other.



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