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I’ll be on the Hot Seat at the Content Marketing Meetup

I’ll be on the Hot Seat at the Austin Content Marketing Meetup on Friday, June 24 (noon, at the Flying Saucer in the Triangle). Several folks have asked what I’ll be talking about. This particular meetup isn’t a “talking about” kind of event — it has a much more interesting format. Basically after a brief intro, attendees can ask me anything.

I’ve been immersed in the online world since 1993, when I built my first website. And I’ve been immersed in some flavor of marketing, social media, and content marketing since 1996, when I sold my company, Go Media, to Excite. I’m a generalist, so I know a little bit about a lot of things. Some of you might be wondering what might make a good question for me.

Here are some of the things I’ve done, and what they mean in the context of content marketing. Hope this gives you some ideas :)

I’ve helped 3 microbusinesses and 2 small businesses achieve national recognition in under a year.

Things I got really good at as a result:

  • Cross-channel marketing strategy (get the word out in the right places)
  • Users & goals assessment, information architecture & wireframing (provide the right content for the right people in the right format)
  • Creative, organic traffic-building

I started a new blog, Queen of Points, a few months ago. After only 6 weeks I was appearing on the front page of Google for significant keywords and phrases.

What I learned/did right:

  • I SEO’d the shit out of this blog. Turns out it’s not rocket science.
  • Best practices for categories, tags, and meta-data
  • Best practices for using images to boost SEO
  • How to use Google’s tools — keyword tools, speed test, webmaster tools
  • All sorts of great tools to make all this hapen

Other areas I know very well:

  • graphic design
  • project management
  • social media
  • web development

Did I miss anything?

Looking forward to the Hot Seat tomorrow. I’ll take any and all questions :)



Treat your customers’ dogs well — it’s great branding

Being good to your customers’ dogs isn’t just a nice thing to do — it’s also great branding.

My dogs can hear the UPS truck coming way before it arrives. They jump up in unison and run to the door, trampling anything that gets in their way.

The UPS guy is their favorite visitor. Why? Because he brings them treats. He’s the awesome food-from-the-truck-guy.

Kody & Tip wear electric fence collars, so they never cross the perimeter. Sadie, however, is well-behaved enough that I never felt the need to get her one. But for UPS she runs out and gets right up in the truck! Does he mind? Not one bit.

The USPS delivers here. FedEx delivers here. And UPS delivers here. Who do you think I choose when I have to send a package somewhere? It’s a no-brainer. I go with the company who’s good to my dogs. That’s great branding.


Be nice.